As an ACCSES Champion, you are a Critical Part of our Strategy for Success!


For your organization and the millions of lives benefited by disability service providers, 2024 will be an important year.  Be a part of it.  Be a Champion.

For decades, ACCSES has been the leading supportive voice in the Nation’s capital on the issues most important to disability service providers.  We proudly stand with ACCSES Members in support of inclusion, choice, and providing services that match the needs of the individual and allow individuals to grow and thrive.  ACCSES Members have been an integral part of — and force behind — the forward momentum that has expanded opportunities for individuals.  We are proud of the phenomenal efforts ACCSES Members have made over many years to advance the interests of the people they serve, in employment, in residential choice, in day habilitation, and in education, and in amplifying the voices of those individuals.  Throughout the COVID pandemic, ACCSES Members proved once again how vital they are to their communities — communities of which they are very much a part.  Your Champions dollars will go far in expanding the work ACCSES does.

ACCSES is targeting Champions contributions to support these primary areas:

  1. Tell the story of disability service providers and their historic and continuing role in providing services to people with disabilities. Disability service providers are the foundation of the disability service system and enlightening Washington as to all you do is vitally important. Telling those stories through the first-hand experiences of individuals is also a key part of our mission, and it will take your support and engagement to support a concentrated campaign to share your accomplishments.  #TogetherWeSoar
  2. Introduce mission-critical legislation to protect and expand the rights of every person with a disability to choose the job, home, and setting that best meets that person’s goals, no matter what their age or how complex their needs. #WeAreTheCommunity
  3. Continue to use our combined resources this year and in the future to influence, amend, and eliminate guidance and regulations that serve to limit options and opportunities, for people with disabilities. #RaiseAwarenessNow
  4. Expand our platform to include focused work in (a) aging and dementia and (b) apprenticeships. #PrepareForTomorrow
Because of your past Champions contributions, over the past three years ACCSES was able to:
  • Prepare and introduce legislation on the definition of work and a resolution honoring essential employees with disabilities or who are blind.
  • Fight for an increase in and educate on funding opportunities for providers during COVID.
  • Push for changes to the WOIA guidance that has negatively affected job referrals, a fight that continues!
  • Hold ACCSES’s Second and Third Annual Congressional Briefings on the importance of choice in employment, day habilitation, and residential options, to report to Congress on concerns regarding how the Social Security asset limit is holding individuals back.
  • Continue to build strong relationships with Congressional members who recognize and appreciate the consequences of recent laws, regulations, and guidance on individuals with disabilities and each person’s right to choose the services and settings that best meet their needs.
  • Develop enhanced working relationships with ODEP, WHD, CMS, HRSA, the AbilityOne Commission, and other agencies, in addition to Congress and the White House.
  • Pursue collaborative opportunities with other advocacy organizations on common issues.
Help fund our legislative efforts and significant projects that recognize the important role that disability service providers play!

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