Board of Directors

  • Ann Gillmore, Chair

    Corporate Vice President
    Peckham, Inc. (Lansing, Michigan)

    Ann Gillmore joined Peckham, one of the largest community rehabilitation organizations in the State of Michigan, in 2005.  Peckham provides people with physical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-economic challenges with a platform to demonstrate their abilities, learn new skills, participate in work and enjoy the rewards of their success.  Individuals gain greater self-confidence and improved self-image as they strive to reach their full potential.  Ann is Peckham’s primary policy analyst for disability employment issues at both the federal and state levels.  In her role, Ann provides direction and support across Peckham for a wide variety of mission-directed tasks, including public policy, advocacy, resource development, recruiting and upward mobility, innovative program design, research and evaluation, program quality and analysis, and special projects.  Ann co-chairs the joint Competitive Integrated Employment Subcommittee for the National Council of SourceAmerica Employers and the National Association for the Employment of People Who Are Blind), which brings together leaders from nonprofits across the country to discuss CIE and other issues related to modernization of the AbilityOne Program.  Ann earned a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Policy from Northwestern University.  Prior to joining Peckham, Ann worked in both business and human service agencies including a start-up nanotechnology firm, an advertising agency, a homeless shelter and an immigration law firm.

  • Brad Saathoff, Vice Chair

    Chief Executive Officer
    Black Hills Works (Rapid City, South Dakota)

    Brad Saathoff came to the human services field after a career in the business world where he was inspired by the work that employees with disabilities provided to the workplaces he supervised.  He joined Black Hills works in 2002, serving as Vice President of Agency Services for BH Services, the Black Hills Works’ division that oversees federal contracts.  In 2008, Brad was named CEO.  In both positions, he has put his business background to work obtaining outcomes for people with disabilities in all areas of their lives, including employment, community living skills, day habilitation and recreation, and health.  Black Hills Works is the fourth largest non-government employer in Rapid City with the scope of the organization being woven into the Rapid City community fabric in thousands of ways through its workforce of over 540 employees and the more than 600 individuals with disabilities that Black Hills Works supports.

  • Rick Christman, Secretary/Treasurer

    Chief Executive Officer
    Employment Solutions (Lexington, Kentucky)

    Rick Christman has been the CEO of Employment Solutions since 1989.  Among the operations of Employment Solutions are employment, day habilitation, and residential services for people with developmental disabilities as well as a career college for people with general employment barriers, a child-care center, and a behavioral health clinic.  Rick holds a BA degree in Special Education and MS in Vocational Rehabilitation.  Rick is one of founders and a board member of New Beginnings, Bluegrass, a nonprofit organization that provides residential service for people with serious mental illness.  In April 2012, Rick was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Corporation for National and Community Service, which operates AmeriCorps.  Rick served in this capacity for two terms.  Rick has also served on the Boards of the Kentucky Workforce Investment Board and the Lexington Transit Authority.  He is author of Fat Chance: Diet Mania, Greed and the Infamous Fen Phen Swindle.  He also has written a screenplay that has been optioned and is working on a second.

  • Mohsen Badran, Director

    President & CEO
    ACCSES New Jersey (Trenton, New Jersey)

    Mohsen Badran has spent more than 30 years serving people with disabilities in three states: New York, Georgia, and New Jersey.  He started his career with Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, where he spent 22 years before he accepted the position of CEO at Goodwill of Savannah, GA.  During his tenure in NY, he served on the board of directors of NYSID and worked very closely with ACCSES New Jersey.  In January 2017, Mohsen was appointed to lead ACCSES New Jersey, a state-wide association that provides leadership and support to more than 40 community-based organizations, in addition to administering the state set-aside program, which employs approximately 2,000 individuals with disabilities.  Throughout his career, Mohsen has demonstrated the ability to grow business for the units he headed and has developed a track record of assembling and developing strong management teams.  Born and raised in Egypt, Mohsen holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree from Alexandria University.

  • Crum

    Ken Crum, Director

    Chief Operating Officer
    ServiceSource, Inc. (Oakton, Virginia)

    As a ServiceSource employee for more than two decades, Ken has diverse expertise in both management of large operational programs and community rehabilitation services.  Over the years, he have been involved in many elements of ServiceSource programs, including day and employment services, overseeing complex AbilityOne contracts, and senior executive leadership.  He has shown proven success in building innovative programs and creative partnerships to advance the mission of community-based services to change the lives of program participants, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they live.

  • Lisa Davidson, Director

    Chief Executive Officer
    Disability Service Providers Network (Madison, Wisconsin)

    Building on decades of experience shaping public policy, building networks, and serving as a voice of the underserved, Lisa Davidson has served the Disability Service Provider Network (DSPN) as Chief Executive Officer since 2020.  DSPN is the state’s leading trade association for organizations that provide support to people with disabilities.  DSPN exists to support and be a resource for member providers through advocacy and education resources so they can provide the highest quality and full array of services for those with disabilities throughout Wisconsin.  Lisa’s background includes time working in the Governor’s Office, State Senate, Department of Health Services, and for several non-profit membership organizations focused on public health, Medicaid reimbursement, and health care access.  In addition, Lisa served for 10 years as a member of her City Council, including time as Chair of the Administrative Committee.  Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California.

  • Robert Hutt, Director

    North Bay Industries (Rohnert Park, California)

    Robert Hutt and North Bay Industries have been instrumental in providing a variety of work opportunities for people with disabilities in seven counties in California and in Carson City Nevada.  Since 1996, Robert has embraced the mission of NBI by expanding its federal and commercial contracts in a variety of services and manufacturing operations.  NBI’s government customers include the U.S. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  NBI also serves non-governmental customers.  NBI is a California non-profit organization established in 1968.  The mission of NBI is to provide vocational training and employment to adults with disabilities.  NBI is headquartered in Rohnert Park where people with disabilities are honored to manufacture the American Interment Flag for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Jones,denise

    Denise Jones, Director

    President & CEO
    The Resource Center (Jamestown, New York)

    A certified public accountant, Denise Jones joined The Resource Center in 1990 as the organization’s first internal auditor.  In 1997 she was named Finance Director, and she worked in that capacity until becoming Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Executive Director for Administrative Services.  Three years later, she was promoted to COO and Associate Executive Director.  She became CEO in 2015.  Denise is consistently cited for her leadership in Western New York by Buffalo Business First, and for 2022 was named in the top 75 of the 250 most powerful people, and among the most powerful women, in Western New York.  The Resource Center is the largest nonprofit and one of the largest employers in Chautauqua County and has 1,600 employees.  Denise is very engaged in policy issues in New York State.

  • Greg Natvig, Director

    President & CEO
    Beacon Group, Inc. (Tucson, Arizona)

    Beacon Group’s mission is to create opportunities for people with disabilities.  Greg Natvig has been with Beacon since 2008 and previously served as Vice President of Business Operations.  Greg takes seriously his role of expanding employment and other opportunities for people with significant disabilities through job growth, workforce development, and advocacy.  Greg’s prior experience was in marketing, operations and general management positions in manufacturing companies.  Greg earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree at Iowa State University and a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

  • Rebecca Sanford, Director

    President & CEO
    Adelante Development Center, Inc. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

    Rebecca Sanford leads one of New Mexico’s largest social service nonprofits.  Adelante started in 1978 and has grown to have a positive impact on thousands of New Mexicans annually, including people with disabilities, seniors, and people with disadvantages.  With a spirit of innovation, a commitment to clients and customers, and working in collaboration with other organizations, Adelante is dedicated to moving New Mexico forward.  Adelante operates on a Social Enterprise model, which blends the practices of business, entrepreneurial values, and a social mission.  Rebecca earned a Masters degree in Accounting from the University of New Mexico.  She also holds a Masters of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor degree in Business/General Management with a minor in Economics from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  Rebecca began her career at Adelante as the VP of Human Resources in 2012.  In 2016, Rebecca was promoted to Chief Administrative Officer and was responsible for Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, IT, and Marketing, prior to becoming CEO.

  • Karen Tefelski, Director

    Executive Director
    vaACCSES (Springfield, Virginia)

    Karen Tefelski has over 35 years of experience advocating on behalf of children with special needs and adults with disabilities.  Karen was appointed by two Governors as the first and only Chairperson of the Employment Subcommittee of Virginia’s Olmstead Steering Committee and currently serves on other statewide advisory boards including the VA’s ID/DD Waiver Advisory Committee, Virginia’s Employment First Committee, the Community Engagement Advisory Group, the Brain Injury Waiver Advisory Committee, and many other statewide workgroups and advisory council.  She has been an advocate in the field of disability policy since she joined ServiceSource as Business Development Director in 1995. Karen and vaACCSES are recognized as experts on SSI, SSDI and available state and federal work incentives for Virginians with disabilities as the Social Security Administration’s Work Incentives, Planning and Assistance (WIPA – formerly BPAO) grantee from 2001-2021. Before moving to Virginia, Karen served as a lobbyist and association executive in D.C. and California for Children’s Hospitals, among others.  Karen earned a Master’s of Science in Forensic Criminology from California State University – Sacramento.

  • Zahora,jim

    Jim Zahora, Director

    Chief Executive Officer
    TAC Industries - The Abilities Connection (Springfeld, Ohio)

    Jim joined TAC Industries in the fall of 2019 after decades of experience in manufacturing as well as experience  in expanding services and programs for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Prior to joining TAC, Jim served as the Advanced Robotics Business Unit Leader for Gem City Engineering Company and previously was President of Noble Tool Corporation, both in Dayton.  At the time he joined TAC, Jim was Vice President of the Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities.  A strong advocate, Jim is deeply committed to helping create a world where there are no barriers to any individual with disabilities pursuit of their dreams.

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