About Us

As our tagline emphasizes, ACCSES proudly serves as the voice of disability service providers in Washington, D.C.  ACCSES represents a dedicated network of community-based organizations that provide exceptional services to individuals with disabilities across the United States.  ACCSES members empower and support individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential through self-determination.  ACCSES amplifies the voices of its members and the individuals they serve at the highest levels of government on a broad range of issue areas including employment; residential choice; day habilitation; home and community-based services; social security asset rules; education; and aging, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.  Our advocacy efforts, founded on the principle of expanding opportunities for individuals while leaving no one behind, resonate throughout the halls of Congress, executive agencies, and the White House.


ACCSES impacts public policy and creates connections to help ACCSES members in providing a broad range of services, supports, and choices for people with disabilities.


ACCSES members are successful in ensuring people with disabilities have access to person-centered support and service options.

Core Values

  • Lead and Support Member-Driven Advocacy
  • Commit to Innovation, High Expectations, and Practical Solutions Empowering Members to Provide Comprehensive Services and Supports
  • Promote Independence, Person-Centered Outcomes, and Success for People with Disabilities
  • Achieve Equality of Opportunity and Full Participation for Every Person
  • Recognize the Important Role ACCSES Members Play in their Communities and the Value of their Voice in the National Discussion

Our Success is Accomplished Through Ongoing Advocacy Initiatives that Matter 

  • Delivering a strong and experienced voice for public policy
  • Building relationships with policymakers
  • Collecting and assessing key information that directly impacts disability service providers
  • Leveraging the collective efforts of ACCSES members to enhance the quality and types of services benefiting people with disabilities
  • Influencing national policies and legislation so that our unified vision and voice for disability service providers remain clear and strong

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